We offer a combination of creative thinking, design resources, skills and experience. Our know-how in designing handling systems covers all major maritime areas. We will go from concept to FAT in dialog with employees in your company. You choose how active you want to be in our process.


Vision statement

Lidan Marine shall be a leading supplier of complete, customized winch- and handling systems within its principal segments. By selecting Lidan Marine, the customer shall experience that they have a strong partner and the best supplier.


Mission statement

Lidan Marine shall for the global market develop, produce and market complete, customized, winch- and handling systems as well as offer good aftersales services. The principal customers have their operations on the Marine (both military and non-military), RoRo, Offshore and Industrial markets.


Our designs are based on long experience from harsh environments and long, dependable service life.

Our depth in knowledge about which technology is optimally suited for your specific case is a valuable asset in the design work.


The company that now goes under the name Lidan Marine was started in 1909 by the smith and mechanic Carl Friman, together with the turner Carl Ottosson. Carl grew up in modest circumstances. Even so, he dreamed of owning his own company. In the meeting with the turner Carl Ottosson, the dream could come true and together they founded the company Lidans Motorverkstad.



Lidan Marine started of as a supplier of crude oil motors (hot bulb motor) and followed up with delivering the first cargo winch driven by crude oil motor in 1912, continuing for the following decades. In the 1940´s Lidan Marine delivered a large number of winches to the Norwegian fishing fleet after World War II.


At the start of the 1950s the company launched is own low pressure hydraulic motor. Some of these systems are still in operation. Our service personnel meet satisfied customers who thank themselves for their choice of supplier.


In the mid 1960s Lidan decided to start offering its market high pressure hydraulic solutions. This started a revolution in the company’s business development.


In the 1970s the company became a leading supplier of winch systems with constant tension technology for RoRo ships. A number of mooring systems were ordered for offshore rigs and Lidan successfully took on the challenge of designing a motion compensated system for the handling of diving bells. The company had its first shipments of electric winch systems.


In the beginning of the 1980s Lidan had its first shipment to supply vessels for the US navy. Lidan became the number one global supplier of winch systems for RoRo ships.


Lidan Marine had its first order for Active Heave Compensated systems with naval applications. In the second half of the decade General Dynamics selected Lidan Marine as the supplier of Towed Array Systems, Variable Depth Systems and Launch and Recovery Systems for the anti-submarine warfare on the Visby class corvette.


The first years of the new century has meant a continuous technology evolution. Lidan Marine was selected as a supplier of state of the art AHC systems to the offshore and seismic industries. Lidan Marine supplied a series of handling systems to the US and French navies. A new era of offshore activities started in 2005 when Lidan Marine was awarded a contract for umbilical winches for Work Class ROV’s.


Lidan Marine was selected as a supplier of state of the art hoist systems to world leading entrance door manufacturer. This decade also started Lidan journey to supply enviromently friendly solutions for Hydropowerplant solutions. Lidan continued to increase business relations within Naval and Subsea operations. Delivering multiple LARS to clients world wide.


Lidan starts the journey towards autonomous systems with deliveries to both Naval and subsea clients. The industry business area expands with a series production of winches to the international aquaculture industry.


Lidan Marine offer the chance to work with a variety of technologies, products and customers
across multiple industries and are continously looking to strengthen our team.


We are now searching for two new product managers for our plant in Lidköping.
Read more about these vacant positions at Nåvi Recruit


Lidan Marine AB is certified in accordance with ISO 45001, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001. Lidan is in the process of certifying the company according to HSEQ international regulations.


Lidan Marine AB, is part of the LS Technologies corporate group alongside Sepson AB (including Sepson GmbH and Sepson India Pvt Ltd), Patterson Manufacturing, LS Engineering AB and LS Technologies US LLC. Each company brings a globally strong brand name and high quality products to the group, and shares the common strive to continually offer smarter, safer and more reliable engineering solutions and services within its market niche.